Diploma in Science

It is a programme focussing in basic sciences and mathematics. The three year programme of six (6) semesters offers courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Other courses include Computers and Information Processing, English, Islamic Studies, and Fundamental of Business. As the student of this course, each of us hold a heavy responsible in every subjects for this course. Although it is a fun course, but sometimes some of us get stressed whenever we are attacked by many assignments, and not to mention lab reports to be assigned. However, we are blessed with many lecturers to helps us with our studies along the semester.

This major course somehow enable us to apply any courses in degree that simply did not have any interaction with science. Which include Theatre and Musical, Art and Law. Although that, maybe many of us will continue their study to more to science courses such as Forensics, Nursing or Pharmasists.


About computer science

Learning of the computer science that help us to complete my assignment . This not only complete the assignment of computer science , we also can use this knowledge to complete others assignment such as biology , chemistry , physic and so on .

Other than that , we can use to make the time table to discipline ourself and not waste our time to unbenificial thing . If we make the time table , we will remember every single thing that we need to do in through a day .

Next , we can use this knowledge to make the invitation card such as for wedding event , science council event , and so on .Besides , this subject taught us many new things that we never learned before . For example , Microsoft Excel that teaches us how to key in data and how to calculate table instantly .

The other thing is that we as students will be filled with many computer . This will help us when we want to apply for a job .

Our Basic Story

Hi there , Aiman here . Full Name = Muhammad Aiman . I live in Puchong , Selangor . I am the eldest among siblings . After SPM , I worked while waiting for my UPU results . I was chosen to further study in UITM in Diploma in Science . I want to study hard to get high pointer . My hope is I hope to bring my family and my family-in-law for Umrah . I hope I can get gorgeous and pretty and caring and sweet wife . For me wife is the viral person in a family . She is the one who will educate the children . So it is very important to marry a good wife . A best man is only for best woman.

Assalammualaikum and hello to those who read our posts here. So i’ll tell you a bit about my self. my name is Noraidil Akmal. And basically, all my friend call me Aidil. I was born as the first child of the family about 20 years ago (as i celebrate my birthday last month) at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. My family and i stayed there since i was born until we moved to Senawang, which is near to my older house when i was 16. My primary school was at Sekolah Kebangsaan Dato’ Klana Maamor, Seremban and my secondary school was at Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, Putrajaya. Honestly, i’m not a clever student and luckily i got to further my study to UiTM Tapah, Perak as  a Applied Science student. My biggest fear and hate are women except my mother and siblings. My most favourite things in this world are food and ball.

Assalammualaikum… Hi there . I’m Muhammad Iskandar Izzudin Bin Abdullah . You all can call me Iskandar . I’m 20 years old . I live in Teluk Kumbar , Bayan Lepas ,Pulau Pinang. I have 2 siblings and I’m the eldest . I was born at the Hospital Bersalin , Pulau Pinang . I work while study at the Uitm . During the semester break , I work at the fast food restaurant to obtain extra money for my study . My previous primary school were SK Mutiara Perdana and SK Seri Bayu . My previous secondary school was SMK Teluk Kumbar 2 . My hobby is jogging , reading a book fiction about science of organisms on the earth . My ambition is want to be a animal’s doctor or work at marine . I love pets but I don’t like pig and dogs .